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National Army Service Members Participate in Remembrance Day Activities

CHISINAU, March 2, 2015 — Today, the National Army staff paid a tribute to the heroes who died in the 1992 war defending Moldova’s integrity and independence. Commemorative ceremonies were held throughout the country.

In Chisinau, the National Army leadership participated in a morning divine service at the Episcopal Cathedral St. Martyr Teodor Tiron. After the service, Minister of Defense, Viorel Cibotaru, stated that the Moldovan citizens wanted an independent country based on new principles and made every effort to establish the peace. “We had to enter this battle and to fight for our peace. I believe the battle has not ended yet and we will be serene only when the Republic of Moldova is a united country based on peaceful and cohabitation principles”, said Viorel Cibotaru.

Later, National Army officers and NCOs, together with members of the Government and Parliament, and veterans of the 1992 war, laid flowers at Stefan cel Mare’s monument downtown the capital city. After that, in a commemorative march, the participants walked to Eternitate Memorial, where they attended a remembrance meeting for the victims of the war for integrity, held at Maica Indurerata (Grieving Mother) Monument.

President Nicolae Timofti, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, stated during the meeting: “Our patriotic spirit made us to take up arms and to fight in an unequal battle on the land that is ours by right. Thus, it is important to know and to pass on to our children the truth about those events”, said the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

Also today, the soldiers laid flowers at the heroes’ graves at the Central Cemetery and the Saint Lazar Cemetery from Chisinau.

Throughout March, the National Army service members participate in a series of events dedicated to the Dniester war organized in the entire country. The participants to the war, mothers and widows of the soldiers who died in the war received financial aid from the Ministry of Defense.

Today, our country marks the 23rd anniversary since the beginning of the war for the integrity and independence of the Republic of Moldova. The Remembrance Day for the victims of the Dniester war was established on March 2, 2010 through a decision of the Parliament.

According to official data, over 30 thousand people participated in the 1991-1992 Dniester War that killed over 300 military and civilians and injured 3,500 people.

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