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Defense and Security Sector to the Attention of International Experts

CHISINAU, March 11, 2015 — Within March 11-13, a group of international experts pays a working visit to the Republic of Moldova in order to evaluate our country’s achievements within the PfP Planning and Review Process (PARP).

The opening ceremony of the bilateral talks was held today at the Ministry’s of Defense HQ. During the ceremony, State Secretary Aurel Fondos stated that, for the Republic of Moldova, the participation in PARP is the main mechanism of the reformation and development process of the defense and security sector. “One of the National Army priorities is to develop the capabilities needed in order to act in a security environment undergoing continuous changes. Thus, we make every effort to achieve the PARP goals assumed by our country, working with other Governmental institutions related to this field”, said Aurel Fondos.

Andrew Cullen, PARP specialist of the NATO Defense Policy and Planning Directorate, appreciated the results registered by our country in implementing the set goals. “We are impressed by the National Army results in the PARP framework. These results would have been impossible without an efficient cooperation between all the involved structures”, said Andrew Cullen.

The working meeting within PARP is attended by representatives of the Ministry of Defense and National Army Main Staff, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Border Police Department, Carabineer Troops Department), as well as of the Security and Intelligence Service.

The PfP Planning and Review Process is a defense planning methodology developed by NATO for its partners and is based on the defense planning system currently used by all the Western countries.

The PARP was taken on and is in the implementation process in neutral countries such as Sweden, Austria, and Finland.

The Republic of Moldova joined PARP in 1997.

The evaluation of the PARP participation takes place every year, after an even and odd cycle, together with PARP experts and by each partner-state separately.

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