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The Partnership Planning and Review Process Evaluated at the Ministry of Defense

CHISINAU, March 13, 2015 — Minister of Defense, Viorel Cibotaru, and Director of NATO Defense Policy and Planning Directorate, Frank Boland, discussed today about our country’s achievements within the PfP Planning and Review Process (PARP).

Frank Boland appreciated the results registered by the defense institutions of the Republic of Moldova in implementing the PARP goals our country took charge of.

The NATO official mentioned the participation of National Army service members in different international peacekeeping missions, including the Kosovo mission, pointing out the readiness and performances of Moldovan officers and NCOs within multinational contingents. Also, Frank Boland stressed the measures taken by the Ministry of Defense in order to renovate the National Army military vehicles and to develop staff capabilities and training.

The Minister of Defense thanked the experts for an exhaustive evaluation of the PARP achievements. Viorel Cibotaru specified that for the Ministry of Defense it is important to understand the progress and the gaps in implementing the established goals.

The PfP Planning and Review Process is a defense planning methodology developed by NATO for its partners and is based on the defense planning system currently used by all the Western countries.

PARP had been taken on and is in the implementation process in neutral countries such as Sweden, Austria, and Finland.

The Republic of Moldova joined PARP in 1997.

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