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Demonstrative Exercises with Shooting Drills in Cahul (video)

 CHISINAU, March 17, 2015 — The soldiers of “Dacia” Brigade from Cahul conducted demonstrative exercises at the unit Training Center. The event was attended by the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and National Army Main Staff.

According to Brigade Commander, Col. Valeriu Chilaru, the exercise agenda comprised the inspection of infantry company’s vehicles, presentation of training sites and combat capabilities of weapons and vehicles, training of the staff combat readiness, shooting drills, as well as the presentation of army artillery systems.

Col. Chilaru specified that the exercise brought together about 300 conscripts and service members of the unit who carried out shooting drills using infantry and artillery weapons AKM, RPC, AG-7, PKT, KPVT, SPG-9, ZU-23-2, AM-120 mm, MT-12, and D-20.

The activity involved over 30 vehicles of the National Army — TAB-71M, BRDM-2, MTLB-AT, and PZM-2.

The exercise aimed to evaluate the skills of conscripts and service members of “Dacia” Brigade using vehicles and light infantry weapons.

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