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The Republic of Moldova to Develop a National Defense Strategy for the First Time

CHISINAU, December 16, 2015 — Minister of Defense, Anatol Salaru, hosted today the first meeting on the development of the National Defense Strategy (NDS).

The event was held at the Ministry of Defense and was attended by representatives of the Supreme Security Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finances, Ministry of Regional Development and Constructions, Ministry of Transport and Roads Infrastructure, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor, Social Care and Family, Academy of Science of Moldova, Information and Documentation Center on NATO, and the Bureau for Reintegration.

Anatol Salaru mentioned the efforts made by the Ministry of Defense regarding the strategic reformation of the national defense system, including the development process of the National Defense Strategy. These actions are part of the assistance package of the Defense Capacity Building Initiative for the Republic of Moldova and our country’s goals regarding the integration into the European political, economical, and security systems.

“The development of the national defense system needs an inter-institutional approach, as it has a multidimensional and interdependent character. You will be the ones involved in the process of developing the National Defense Strategy and will have the role to confirm my words by designing a high-quality output and I am sure this will be the final result”, said the Minister of Defense.

Andrei Onofrei, representative of the Supreme Security Council, stated that the need for having a National Defense Strategy was noticed by both national and international experts during the development of the National Security Strategy (NSS). “Taking into consideration the innovatory character of this document, as well as its importance for this sector, we believe that the development of NDS by a group of experts from the national defense and security sector and representatives of the civil society and academic environment is crucial for they will ensure the coherence of the NDS with the NSS project and the institutions’ sector strategies”, said Andrei Onofrei.

The source specified that given the fact that the NDS is a document that will be developed for the first time, it is necessary to involve foreign experts, such as NATO representatives and EU counselors, who will work with our institutions in 2016.

Lilian Darii, Director of the Multilateral Cooperation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, appreciated the contribution of the Ministry of Defense to the reformation of the defense and security sector, with a focus on implementing the actions within the Defense Capacity Building Initiative.

In order to develop the NDS, an inter-departmental working group will be formed. The group will consist of representatives of the institutions responsible for the defense and security sector.

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