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National Army Conscripts Take Military Oath

CHISINAU, December 18, 2015 — Over 700 soldiers, enlisted in the National Army units in November, 2015, took their military oath today, during ceremonies held in Chisinau, Balti, and Cahul garrisons.

The 217 conscripts from “Stefan cel Mare” Brigade from Chisinau took their military oath within an event attended by Minister of Defense, Anatol Salaru.

The Minister of Defense encouraged the young soldiers to do their military service with honor and to respect each other. Anatol Salaru said that he believes many of them will choose to become a professional service member in the future.

“We talk a lot about reform, modernization, strategies, and changes. Dear soldiers, these changes should be done by you with a new mentality, view, and force. With your actions you will contribute to ensure the freedom of all our citizens”, said Anatol Salaru.

Other 142 soldiers took the military oath in the Military Compound 142 from Chisinau. The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Defense, Alexandru Cimbriciuc, who stated that the military oath is a vow by which the conscripts assume the responsibility to defend Moldova’s sovereignty and independence and commit to fulfill the service duty with honor and dignity.

“You joined the units four weeks ago and in this period you have been learning the military issues within a training course. I know it was a challenging and difficult period, by I also know that you carried out the missions with abnegation, much effort, and discipline”, mentioned Alexandru Cimbriciuc.

In Balti, 127 young men took the military oath in “Moldova” Brigade and were congratulated by Deputy Minister of Defense, Gheorghe Galbura.

On behalf of the Ministry of Defense leadership, Gheorghe Galbura thanked the parents for the education given to their sons and assured them that they will be proud of their achievements and training.

In Cahul, 149 conscripts joined “Dacia” Brigade after taking the military oath. The ceremony was attended by Interim Chief of National Army Main Staff, Brigadier Gen. Igor Cutie.

The official addressed the Commanders stressing their contribution in training the young military. “I ask you to show maximum responsibility and exigency while training the soldiers. You should be their model to follow — a leader in both military and civil life”, said Brigadier Gen. Cutie.

Within the ceremonies in the three garrisons, service members from “Fulger” Battalion and Guard Battalion presented wrestling and weapon handling exercises.

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