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Republic of Moldova-NATO Partnership Planning and Review Process Reviewed at the Ministry of Defense

CHISINAU, April 7, 2016 — Within April 6-8, a team of NATO experts is paying a visit to the Republic of Moldova in order to assess the Partnership Goals assumed by our country in the framework of the PfP Planning and Review Process (PARP).

The experts group, led by Paul Savereux, Director of Defense Planning, Defense Policy and Planning Division at NATO HQ, will meet with Deputy Minister of Defense, Alexandru Cimbriciuc, representatives of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, the Security and Intelligence Service, Ministry of Finances, Border Police, and Carabineer Troops Department in order to analyze the achievements and gaps of PARP implementation.

According to Andrew Cullen, PARP responsible for Moldova, NATO Defense Policy and Planning Directorate, Defense Policy and Planning Division, an important PARP element is clearly setting the Partnership goals. These goals set the framework of the roadmap towards achieving success and they need to be appropriate for the Republic of Moldova, that is to say transparent, achievable, and logical. “We are here to do the planning and review of the process. The specific aims of PARP are as follows: promoting the development by partners of interoperable forces and capabilities in NATO, EU and UN operations, and Moldova is, when it comes to that, an example, by having a huge contribution to KFOR and various other missions. Second is the reform of the Armed Forces and related security and defense institutions and for Moldova nothing could be more appropriate given the Defense Capacity Building Initiative. The third one is to contribute to the development of force structures and capabilities”, mentioned Andrew Cullen.

The PfP Planning and Review Process is a defense planning methodology developed by NATO for its partners and is based on the defense planning system currently used by all the Western countries.

The Republic of Moldova joined PARP in 1997.

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