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Transfer of Authority in KFOR Mission

CHISINAU, December 8, 2016 — The fifth National Army contingent, deployed to KFOR peacekeeping operation for six months, ended its mission in Kosovo. The contingent will be replaced by another contingent of 40 Moldovan service members, commanded by Maj. Constantin Cisleanu.

On this occasion, a ceremony marking the transfer of authority between the two National Army peacekeeping contingents was organized at “Camp Villaggio Italia” Base from Pech village.

The event was attended by Multinational Battle Group West (MNBG-W) Commander, Col. Giovanni Giagheddu, service members from Italy, Slovenia, and Austria stationed at “Camp Villaggio Italia”, as well as Moldovan officers and NCOs from KFOR-V and KFOR-VI contingents.

Col. Giovanni Giagheddu appreciated the National Army service members’ professionalism and devoted attitude to fulfil the missions established by MNBG-W Commander and thanked them for the commitment and courage shown during the six months in Kosovo. Col. Giagheddu welcomed the service members from the sixth National Army contingent and expressed his conviction that they will show a high level of training, as done by their colleagues from previous contingents.

At the end of the ceremony, Commander of KFOR-V contingent, LTC Adrian Efros, offered to his Italian and Austrian colleagues National Army medals — “For Strengthening the Brotherhood in Arms” and “For Cooperation” — as a sign of appreciation for the contribution in reinforcing cooperation and increasing interoperability between service members from Moldova, Italy, and Austria within MNBG-W.

The fifth National Army contingent left for Kosovo in June, 2016. Throughout the six months of mission, the 41 service members ensured security and guarded military facilities, carried out patrol and engineer operations.

The Decision to deploy Moldovan service members to the KFOR operation in Kosovo was approved by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, on November 1, 2013.

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