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Diplomas and Medals for Service Members of KFOR-V Contingent, Recently Returned from Kosovo

CHISINAU, December 13, 2016 — The service members of the fifth National Army contingent that recently returned from the peacekeeping operation KFOR in Kosovo were awarded today Government diplomas and medals, during a ceremony held at the Ministry of Defense HQ.

Minister of Defense Anatol Salaru mentioned that, throughout six months in Kosovo, the 40 Moldovan service members proved that they are well-trained, committed to their service, and interoperable with other participating contingents.

“Once in Kosovo, you took full responsibility to fulfill the missions established by KFOR Command. I am glad that this objective has been successfully achieved. This is proved by your foreign colleagues’ words of appreciation who always praise your performances within the mission”, said the Minister of Defense.

Commander of KFOR-V contingent, LTC Adrian Efros, stated that it was an honor to represent the Republic of Moldova, together with his colleagues, in an international mission and that the experience gained in Kosovo was very useful for each of the contingent’s officer and NCO.

The fifth National Army contingent left for Kosovo in June, 2016. The 40 professional soldiers, out of which seven engineers and a platoon of 33 service members, carried out missions of security and guard of military facilities, patrol, and EOD missions.

The contingent was stationed in “Camp Villaggio Italia” multinational base in Pech village and served within Multinational Battle Group — West (MNBG-W) together with service members from Italy, Slovenia, and Austria.

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