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Military Attaches’ Reunion at Ministry of Defense

CHISINAU, December 15, 2016 — The military attaches in the Republic of Moldova met today at the Ministry of Defense at an activity assessment reunion in Chisinau.

At the event, Minister of Defense Anatol Salaru appreciated the support offered by the defense attaches for the National Army’s reformation and modernization, as well as for strengthening the bilateral military cooperation. “Due to your support, the National Army is on the right course. Our participation in the KFOR mission, the Project on pesticides disposal, multinational exercises, my participation in the NATO Summit, and the bilateral meetings with your ministers are proving that you are successfully fulfilling your missions, here, in Chisinau”, mentioned Minister Salaru.

President of the Defense Attaches Association, Col. Dumitru Neacsu, thanked the Ministry of Defense’s leadership for helping familiarize the association’s members with the military activity of the National Army units, for the openness and friendship during joint activities organized by the defense institution. “All these actions justify our mission here — to represent the state and the minister of Defense, promoter of the military diplomacy and the bilateral military cooperation”, stated Col. Neacsu.

Also today, the 24 military attaches plan to visit the National Army’s Military Training Area in order to attend the official opening of the shooting range, a project developed within the Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI) through which Bulboaca Training Area’s infrastructure is being modernized.

There are currently military attaches from 25 countries accredited to the Republic of Moldova. Five states (Romania, USA, Russian Federation, Poland, and Ukraine) have military diplomats based in Chisinau, while the others are based in Bucharest, Kiev, and Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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