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National Army Service Members Attend the Remembrance Day Events (video)


CHISINAU, March 2, 2017 — The National Army staff from all the military garrisons attended today the Remembrance Day events dedicated to heroes who died in the war for the defense of integrity and independence of the Republic of Moldova.

In Chisinau, the Ministry of Defense leadership and the National Army Commanding Officer Corps, together with officials and war veterans, laid flowers at “Stefan cel Mare” monument. After that, in a commemorative march, the participants walked from Marii Adunari Nationale Square to Maica Indurerata (Grieving Mother) Monument at Eternitate Memorial, where they attended a commemoration meeting.

Deputy Defense Minister Gheorghe Galbura stated that, after 25 years since the start of Dniester war, it is our duty to be united and to prove that the fight for independence was a fight for Moldova’s future and prosperity. “Let us try together, through concrete actions, to make our state a better country. A better country for its citizens, a free country, a country we dreamed about and for which we fought in the spring of our independence”, said the Deputy Defense Minister.

The service members from Balti, Cahul, Ungheni, Causeni garrisons and from villages of Cantemir, Glodeni, Hancesti, Sangerei, Straseni, and Floresti districts also attended commemorative events organized together with the local public authorities.

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense launched the video “Omagiu Eroilor Independentei” (Tribute to Independence Heroes), dedicated to all the participants in the war of 1992.

According to official data, over 30 thousand people participated in the 1991-1992 Dniester War that killed 300 military and civilians and injured 3,500 people.

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