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National Army Engineers Neutralize Ten Explosive Objects

CHISINAU, March 10, 2017 — The National Army engineers neutralized ten explosive objects in villages from Ungheni, Ocnita, Anenii Noi, and Causeni districts, during the first days of March.

According to LTC Serghei Chilivnic, Chief of Engineer Service, Land Forces Command, during this period, the engineers were called six times to conduct demining operations. Within these missions, they searched and destroyed grenades and mines, dating back to World War II.

The source specified that the most recently found explosive objects were three bomb-launcher bombs of 82 mm caliber and a F-1 hand grenade that were found during agricultural works in Agronomovca village, Ungheni district and Plop-Stiubei village, Causeni district. The explosives had been defused and destroyed by the engineers from “Codru” Engineer Battalion.

Taking into account that the most part of explosive objects are found by locals during agricultural works, the National Army Engineer Service is informing that it is forbidden to touch the ammunition with the hands or with other objects, to kick or move the ammunition found in the soil or on surface, to transport or take the ammunition inside buildings or houses. In these cases, those who find the ammunition must immediately inform the local authorities who will request the assistance of engineer teams.

This year, the National Army engineers were called in 16 times to different villages of the country, where they disposed of 28 explosive objects.

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