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Infantrymen from KFOR-VI Contingent Participate in “Shark Feniks Games” in Kosovo

CHISINAU, March 29, 2017 — The infantrymen platoon from the sixth National Army contingent deployed to KFOR peacekeeping operation in Kosovo won the 2nd place in the “Shark Feniks Games” organized by their colleagues from Austria and Slovenia.

According to contingent’s Commander, Maj. Constantin Cisleanu, the Moldovan officers and NCOs competed alongside service members from Austria, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, USA, and Hungary in the following: hand grenade throwing, infantry shooting drills, crossing the obstacle course and evacuation of the wounded, truck pushing on a 100 m distance.

The Games also included a forced foot march during which the participants walked a 6 km distance with their equipment, carrying a 10 kg backpack.

The KFOR-VI contingent left for Kosovo in December, 2016. The 40 service members, out of which seven engineers and 33 infantrymen, carry out missions of security and guard of military facilities, patrol, and EOD missions.

The Moldova service members are stationed at Camp Villaggio Italia multinational base, in Pech village, and serve within the Multinational Battle Group — West (MNBG-W), together with contingents from Italy, Slovenia, and Austria.

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