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Transfer of Authority in KFOR Mission from Kosovo

CHISINAU, December 12, 2017 — The service members of the eighth National Army contingent deployed to the KFOR peacekeeping operation have started their mission in Kosovo.

They took over the duties of the peacekeepers from the seventh Moldovan contingent during a transfer of authority ceremony held at “Camp Villaggio Italia” multinational base from Pech village.

In the presence of Multinational Battle Group — West Commander, Col. Enzo Ceruzzi, and service members from Italy, Austria, and Slovenia, LTC Andrei Taranu, Commander of KFOR-7, handed over the flag and his responsibilities to Maj. Ruslan Varivanov, who will be in this position for the next six months.

The eighth National Army contingent consists of 40 service members, out of which seven engineers and a platoon of 33 service members. The Moldovan officers and NCOs will carry out missions of guard and defense of strategic importance facilities and will ensure the security of the base “Camp Villaggio Italia” and Decane Monastery, as well as will conduct EOD research and identification of explosive objects in the area of responsibility.

Photo source: flic.kr/s/aHskpNejXK

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