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Medals for National Army Service Members Returned from Kosovo

CHISINAU, December 17, 2018 — The service members of the ninth National Army contingent who have recently returned from KFOR peacekeeping operation received today medals and Government Diplomas during a ceremony organized at the Ministry of Defense.

The decorations were awarded by General State Secretary Radu Burduja for the excellent performance of the peacekeeping officers and NCOs while serving in KFOR operation within June-December, 2018.

“Dear soldiers, I would like to thank you for the impeccable way of conducting your duty. Alongside the armies of other countries, you have been and are the promoters of peace and stability,” said Radu Burduja.

Commander of KFOR-9 contingent, LTC Veaceslav Balan, stated that the six months of mandate were for the 41 professional military a period of intense activity including mountain patrols, guard of Decane monastery, and mine-clearance in the area of responsibility.

“We have obtained experience related to the participation in peacekeeping operations, we have learned from our colleagues from other countries how to manage certain situations, but we have also offered lessons regarding certain areas, thus proving that we are well-trained and tested in theaters of operations,” said LTC Balan.

The ninth National Army contingent consisting of 41 officers and NCOs was deployed to Kosovo during June-December, 2018. They carried out missions of patrol, EOD research, convoy, and ensured security of strategic facilities.

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