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Soldiers from Chisinau Garrison Take Military Oath

CHISINAU, December 21, 2018 — Over 350 young men took their military oath today during ceremonies organized in the military units of Chisinau garrison.

During the ceremony at “Stefan cel Mare” Brigade, National Army Commander, Brig. Gen. Igor Cutie, congratulated the soldiers who took their military oath in the presence of parents and relatives and mentioned that they are now starting a new phase that is full of challenges, but that is also very important for every soldier.

“I am certain that you will be disciplined soldiers who see the duty, honor, and commitment towards their country and the citizens of the Republic of Moldova as something essential for the military life,” said Brig. Gen. Cutie.

At the ceremony held in Military Compound 142, National Army Deputy Commander, Col. Eduard Ohladciuc, encouraged the young soldiers to study the military discipline with responsibility in training areas and classrooms from the sergeants, NCOs, and officers corps who studied this discipline not only from textbooks, but also tested it in training areas and international peacekeeping missions.

Col. Mihail Buclis attended the festivity organized by the Anti-Air Missile Regiment, where he encouraged the soldiers to join the team of professional service members at the end of their mandatory military service.

“This year, we have launched the Program ''Professional Army'', an ambitious project which provides for the National Army to have professional contract-based service members who are well-trained, have modern equipment and are trained according to Western standards. I truly wish that you, those who are the conscripts of today, would become part of the professional army of tomorrow,” said Col. Buclis.

After taking the military oath, the soldiers get a short leave.

The mandatory military service lasts 12 months.

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