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Turnkey Apartments for National Army Service Members (video)

CHISINAU, December 27, 2018 — Over 300 National Army service members from Chisinau garrison received military housing. The apartment keys were handed by Premier Pavel Filip and Minister of Defense Eugen Sturza within a ceremony held on this occasion at the housing complex on 3, N.Testimitanu Street, central sector of the capital.

The Prime Minister encouraged the military to enjoy their apartments received during the winter holidays.

“Home means, in the first place, our family, but home also means the house where this family gathers. We wish for our military to know that, at home, their families are in a comfortable and warm place,” said Pavel Filip.

Minister of Defense Eugen Sturza mentioned that the military’s social protection is a priority for the institution’s leadership and has been implemented through the Program “First House”, offering allowances for rent, and offering military housing.

“Throughout almost three decades of uncertainty, there have been rental apartments and life in dormitories, sleeping on bunk beds. Today, this way of life ends for 335 service members and their families. For 2019, we set the objective to double the number of military housing apartments, so other 600 professional officers, sergeants, and soldiers would have their own home,” said the Minister of Defense.

According to director of the Agency for Ensuring Resources and Administration of Patrimony of the Ministry of Defense, Col. Sergiu Voinu, the building of the housing complex on 3, N.Testimitanu Street has started in January, 2017. The complex has 335 apartments with 1, 2, and 3 rooms.

The source specified that there are 35 to 80 square meters apartments having windows, doors, bathroom facilities, meters, private heating boilers, stoves.

Col. Voinu said that the apartments have been built within a public-private partnership project, are military housing and have been offered in compliance with Law No. 75 as of 04.30.2015 regarding housing (http://lex.justice.md/md/358764/), as well as based on Government Decision No. 874 as of 12.22.2015.

During 2016-2018, 479 families of National Army service members from Chisinau, Cahul, and Balti garrisons received military housing.

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