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National Army Engineers’ Demining Missions in 2018

CHISINAU, January 3, 2019 — In 2018, the National Army engineers discovered and neutralized about 400 explosive objects throughout the country.

According to head of Engineer Service, LTC Adrian Efros, the military engineers carried out 170 missions during which 392 explosive objects have been destroyed. The largest amounts of ammunition — mine-launcher bombs, artillery projectiles of different calibers, aviation bombs, cartridges, and hand grenades — were discovered in villages from Anenii Noi, Causeni, Criuleni, and Hincesti districts and in Balti and Chisinau cities.

LTC Efros specified that the largest arsenal — 66 bomb-launcher bombs of 120 mm caliber — was discovered on an arable field in Mingir village, Hincesti district, in November. The explosive objects were destroyed by the demining team of Engineer Battalion, commanded by SFC Eugen Axenti.

The source mentioned that other 33 explosive objects have been discovered and neutralized by the military engineers in Delacau village, Anenii-Noi distrct, in July.

In April, an engineer team commanded by 1st Lt. Ivan Cornegruta went to the forest near Plop-Stiubei village, Causeni district. After inspecting the territory, the military identified 24 explosive objects — artillery projectiles of 45 mm caliber, anti-tank mines, and hand grenades RGD-33. The ammunition was evacuated and destroyed under maximum security conditions.

NOTE: The Ministry of Defense asks the citizens to inform the local authorities about the areas in which exist or it is supposed the existence of unexploded ammunition. In case of discovering unidentified explosive objects, it is forbidden to touch the ammunition with the hands or with other objects, to kick or move the ammunition found in the soil or on surface, to dismantle the warheads or other components.

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