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A Moldovan Peacekeeper from KFOR Wins 3rd Place in Dancon March

CHISINAU, January 9, 2019 — The National Army service members deployed to KFOR operation participated recently in this year’s first edition of DANCON March (Danish Contingency), organized by the service members from Denmark.

According to LTC Ion Godoroja, KFOR-10 Commander, the competition brought together over 600 soldiers from 28 countries that are part of KFOR operation. They marched on a distance of 25 km in Novo Selo, Kosovo, carrying backpacks weighting 10 kg.

The source mentioned that eight National Army officers and NCOs participated in DANCON March and one of them — 1st Lt. Vasile Olari — won the third place reaching the finish line in 2 hours and 02 minutes.

According to the rules, the participants pay a fee of 20 Euros. The collected money has been donated to war veterans of the Danish army and to a special needs school from Kosovo.

DANCON March is a tradition of the Danish Army dating back to 1972. So far, the march has been organized in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, as well as other countries where Danish troops are deployed.

The National Army peacekeepers deployed to KFOR mission have been participating in DANCON March since 2014.

Photo source: KFOR Dancon March

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