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National Army Is Ready to Act in the Areas Affected by Snowfalls

Actualizare, ora 15:30 — Ministrul Apărării, Eugen Sturza, împreună cu ministrul Chiril Gaburici, inspectează situaţia pe drumurile naţionale cu maşini militare de tip HUMWEE.

Prima intervenţie — o maşină şi un microbuz, care au deraiat de pe şoseaua Balcani, au fost tractate de conducătorii auto militari.

Revenim cu detalii despre intervenţiile militarilor Armatei Naţionale pe traseele naţionale.

CHISINAU, January 11, 2019 — The National Army is ready to intervene with military and special vehicles in order to eliminate the consequences of heavy snowfalls.

According to National Army Commander, Brig. Gen. Igor Cutie, the army is ready to offer support to the local public authorities with over 500 service members and vehicles with increased capacity of getting access to the areas affected by the heavy snowfalls.

At the same time, the units from the military garrisons in the south, center and north of the country, established mobile teams that, when needed, may be involved in snow removal and unblocking of localities and national roads.

The National Army Operational Command Center keeps a permanent connection with the Operational Center for Emergency Situations Management of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations in order to coordinate possible snow clearing actions.

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