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The Participants in Combat Actions in Afghanistan to Receive Commemorative Cross

CHISINAU, February 6, 2019 — Over 8,500 veterans of the Afghanistan war will receive the Commemorative Cross “Participant in Combat Actions in Afghanistan (1979-1989)”.

The distinction will be offered during ceremonies organized throughout the country on the occasion of the 30th anniversary since the withdrawal of the limited contingent of soviet troops from Afghanistan and to encourage the war veterans — participants in combat actions in Afghanistan (1979-1989).

The Commemorative Cross, drafted by the Union of Veterans of Afghanistan War of the Republic of Moldova, together with the National Committee of Heraldry, was manufactured by “Attributum” Ltd. The manufacture costs amounted to two million MDL allocated from the State Budget.

The Ministry of Defense is responsible for organizing the ceremonies and has distributed the distinctions to military-territorial centers Balti, Cahul, Causeni, Chisinau, Edinet, Hincesti, Orhei, Soroca, Straseni, Taraclia, and Ungheni.

A Committee for Organization of Commemoration Day, led by Minister of Defense Eugen Sturza, was established based on Government’s Provision No. 126-d as of October 24, 2018. The Committee, together with local and central public authorities, will organize the commemorative ceremonies dedicated to those who died in the Afghanistan War.

According to the document, a series of actions dedicated to the commemoration of those who died in the Afghanistan war will be organized during this year throughout the country. These actions include: ceremonies for decorating the veterans with the Commemorative Cross “Participant in Combat Actions in Afghanistan (1979-1989)”, meetings, concerts, religious services, installing commemorative plaques in some educational institutions, educational-patriotic lessons, meetings between conscripts and veterans, exhibitions and conferences.

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