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Interoperability of KFOR Contingents Tested in Kosovo

CHISINAU, February 14, 2019 — The National Army service members from KFOR operation participated recently in the exercise “Jeweled Dagger 3” organized by the command of Multinational Battle Group-West — MNBG-W.

According to KFOR-10 commander, LTC Ion Godoroja, the training brought together about 100 Austrian, Italian, Moldovan, and Slovenian soldiers and had the objective to test the staff’s operational readiness in order to fulfill their missions in compliance with UNSCR 1244.

The source added that, according to the scenario, the National Army infantry platoon participated in missions of patrol on foot and by air, ensuring protection of the helicopter landing area, while the engineer team searched and cleared the territory of explosive objects.

NOTE: The United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 authorized a civil and military force in Kosovo, then part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and established the United Nations Interim Administration Mission. The resolution was adopted on June 10, 1999. Both conflicting sides adopted it later at Kumanovo treaty. Kosovo’s declaration of independence does not contradict the UNSCR 1244.

Photo source: www.facebook.com/NATOKFOR/

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