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Parachute Jumps at National Army Military Training Centers (video)

CHISINAU, March 26, 2019 — The service members of National Army Special Forces carried out parachute jumps at the National Army Military Training Centers as part of the exercise “JCET 2019” (Joint Combined Exchange Training).

According to Commander of Special Forces Battalion “Fulger”, LTC Ion Ojog, the jumps have been conducted from the altitude of 350 m.

LTC Ojog added that the exercise is destined for soldiers from the search subunits of the infantry brigades and Special Forces Battalion “Fulger” and includes tactical training sessions, shooting drills, and specific missions on field.

The training has the objective to build capabilities for carrying out special missions, of joint training and to exchange experience between the contingents of the National Army, Romanian Army, and US Army.

The exercise “Joint Combined Exchange Training” is organized during February 4 — March 28, 2019 and brings together service members from the three armies.

The National Army has been participating in JCET since 2009.

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