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Information Campaign about the Danger of Unexploded Ammunition Conducted by National Army Engineers

CHISINAU, April 4, 2019 — The National Army engineers are conducting an information campaign in the educational institutions from different localities regarding the danger of unexploded ammunition in the Republic of Moldova, as well as how to behave in case of its discovery. The action is organized in the framework of the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action.

According to chief of National Army Engineer Service, LTC Adrian Efros, the mobile teams from “Moldova” and “Dacia” Brigades and “Codru” Battalion are familiarizing the students of 10 high and middle schools from Balti, Cahul, and Straseni with the rules of behavior and the actions to be undertaken in case of finding explosive objects, as well as the risks of unexploded ammunition.

LTC Efros specified that, each year, the National Army engineer teams find and destroy hundreds of explosive objects throughout the country. 98% of them date back to World War II, while other 2% — to the period of the War of 1992.

The source mentioned that, only last year, the engineers neutralized about 400 explosive objects, the most being found in villages from Anenii Noi, Cantemir, Causeni, Orhei, Soroca, Stefan Voda, and Ungheni districts.

On December 8, 2005, the United Nations decided, through Resolution 60/97, to mark the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action every year, on April 4.


The National Army Engineer Service calls upon local authorities and Moldovan population on how to behave in case of discovering ammunition elements.

Taking into account that the most part of explosive objects are found by locals during agricultural works, the military engineers are informing that it is forbidden to touch the ammunition with the hands or with other objects, to kick or move the ammunition found in the soil or on surface, to dismantle the warheads or other components, for children to play with different ammunition elements, to transport or take the ammunition inside buildings or houses.

At the same time, the citizens should know that it is forbidden the access of people, especially children, to the areas in which exist or it is supposed the existence of unexploded objects, to manually or mechanically dig in these areas, to work the land, to cross with vehicles or animals. In these cases, those who find the ammunition must immediately inform the local authorities who will request the assistance of engineer teams.

Regardless of the conditions or age of ammunition elements, the danger that they might be active and explode is maximal. Thus, any operation on the unexploded ammunition must be conducted only by specialized personnel, in strict compliance with security procedures.

Since 1992 and so far, 23 persons died and 26 were wounded as a result of the explosion of different ammunition. Out of the total number of victims, seven children died, and other three were wounded.

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