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National Army Soldiers from Chisinau Garrison Take Military Oath

CHISINAU, June 21, 2019 — Over 300 young soldiers from Chisinau garrison took their military oath today. The event was attended by the National Army Commanding Corps, and students’ parents and relatives.

During the ceremony at Military Compound 142 from Chisinau, National Army Deputy Commander, Col. Eduard Ohladciuc, congratulated the soldiers and mentioned their interest and discipline during the initial training course.

“Since you have been enlisted, you have been able to learn the life of a conscript — you have studied fundamental notions, military regulations and, today, by how you presented yourselves at the oath taking ceremony, you proved that you are already applying the gathered knowledge. I can say that you have done well,” said Col. Ohladciuc.

The National Army Deputy Commander encouraged the soldiers who will discover their military vocation during the mandatory military service to join the professional army in the end.

“Trust me, it will be a good decision and we, the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the National Army, will make every effort to offer you decent training and working conditions,” said Eduard Ohladciuc.

On the event’s occasion, there have been organized exhibitions of National Army’s weapons, military equipment and vehicles.

After taking the military oath, the soldiers get a four-day leave. Then, they are sent to National Army units. The mandatory military service lasts 12 months.

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