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Soldiers from “Stefan cel Mare” Brigade Take Military Oath

CHISINAU, July 19, 2019 — The young soldiers of “Stefan cel Mare” Brigade took their military oath today in the presence of Minister of Defense Pavel Voicu, National Army Commander, Brig. Gen. Igor Gorgan, unit’s veterans, soldiers’ parents and relatives.

During the ceremony organized at the military unit from Chisinau, the Minister of Defense congratulated the approximately 170 soldiers and appreciated their performance during the initial training course, during which they have been able to adapt to a military environment with all its rigors — square bashing, military regulations, and other activities required by a National Army soldier.

“I am glad to observe that this period has been useful for you and today, in the presence of parents, commanders, and relatives, you proved that you are ready to face the future challenges,” said the Minister of Defense.

Pavel Voicu encouraged the soldiers who will take a liking to military life after these 12 months, to choose the contract-based military service. “It will make us very happy and I encourage you to listen to your heart and to join the professional service members of the National Army.”

At the end of the ceremony, the Minister of Defense talked with the young men’s parents and assured them that the Brigade where they will conduct the military service has the necessary equipment, vehicles, and training conditions, so the soldiers will have the opportunity to be trained at the highest level.

On the event’s occasion, the unit organized an exhibition of their weapons, military equipment and vehicles.

After taking the military oath, the soldiers get a five-day leave. The mandatory military service lasts 12 months.

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