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Shooting Drills within “Assault 2019” Exercise (video)

CHISINAU, July 31, 2019 — Over 250 service members of the Special Forces Battalion “Fulger”, Engineer Battalion “Codru” and National Army’s Training Center participated in the tactical exercise with shooting drills “Assault 2019” that was conducted at Bulboaca training area during July 29-31, 2019.

According to Col. Ruslan Cojocaru, Deputy Chief of J7 Doctrine and Joint Training Directorate, the training had the objective to test the skills of orientation and moving following an unknown itinerary and of organizing direct actions, carrying out shooting drills and destruction works, as well as to enhance the practical abilities of handling explosive means and explosives.

In compliance with the exercise’s scenario, the soldiers have conducted shooting drills using the units’ heavy and light infantry weapons, such as Glock 17 and 19, AKMS, RPKN, PKT, PSL, AG-7, SPG-9 and ZU-23-2. They have also used the military vehicles HMMWV, LMTV, M −1078, MT-LB and GAZ — 66.

On Wednesday, July 31, the service members’ trainings were observed by Minister of Defense Pavel Voicu, Chief of General Staff, National Army Commander, Brig. Gen. Igor Gorgan, and officers of the National Army Commanding Corps.

Pavel Voicu appreciated the level of training, skill, and professionalism shown by the soldiers during the shooting drills and specified that their performance is due not only to intensive daily training, but also to the effort of Commanders who oversee that each mission is accomplished at the highest level.

“I saw precision, dedication, and enthusiasm in your actions and this makes me believe that you are well-trained and motivated in everything you do. It is certain that today’s good results would not be possible without the significant effort of your commanders and I wish to thank them for the professionalism and patience shown during the training process,” said the Minister of Defense.

The tactical exercise “Assault 2019” took place in accordance with the National Army’s Combat readiness plan for 2019.

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