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The Minister of Defense, visiting the Central Military Hospital

CHISINAU, August 9, 2019 — The Minister of Defense, Pavel Voicu paid a documentary visit today to the Central Military Clinical Hospital in Chisinau.

Colonel Vladimir Trofimov, the Head of Central Military Hospital (CMH), has presented to the Minister Voicu sections healing traumatology, cardiopulmonology, psychoneorology, otorhinolaryngology, functional diagnosis offices across the organization, including ultrasonogrophy, imaging, endoscopy, and medical equipment of the latest generation.

At the same time, Pavel Voicu has got acquainted with the stage of the repair work in the operating rooms and intensive therapy rooms in the central block, the salons for the military and civilians, the ambulances in the hospital`s management, the food and accommodation warehouses, the canteen and the makeshift chapel.

The Minister of Defense remained satisfied with the activity, management and situation in the medical institution, one of the best-endowed and appreciated in the country, which has qualified staff and high-level hospitalization conditions. "During the visit to the Military Hospital, I appreciated the state of affairs of the patient rooms and wards. I was convinced that patients - both civilians and military - benefit from the attention and care of the doctors and the auxiliary medical staff, but also of the best treatment, with state-of-the-art medical equipment, such as, for example, the machine of general radiography from the radiological office, which I saw today. I am glad that, by purchasing the modern equipment by the hospital, the doctors also take care of the patient`s safety, because they emit a lower level of radiation, thus having a much less negative impact on their health" said Minister Voicu.

Pavel Voicu met with the military and civilian staff within the institution, where they discussed their activity, the working conditions and technical-material possibilities of specialized sections. "The medical staff in the recovering departments is motivated, dedicated to the service and professional - that`s why I am convinced that when we talked with patients, they were satisfied with the medical services provided. These doctors, majority of higher category, have specialized studies abroad, participation in exercises and international conferences. It is a great performance, because only having qualified human resources; a health institution of this level can offer qualitative services. I will make sure that the staff of the institution –starting with nurses, auxiliary staff and ending with doctors - have all the necessary conditions to carry out their activity efficiently, including recovery departments, food services on the Hospital`s territory and larger and properly lit spaces. Also, I want to identify new financial resources for the repair of all sections and the provision of curative blocks with an economical and modern district heating system ", added Pavel Voicu.

The Central Military Clinical Hospital was founded as a curative-diagnostic institution of the Ministry of Defense on June 1, 1992. The institution is equipped with modern and high quality medical technology and provides a wide range of medical services in all general and specialized fields for the National Army and the members of their families, the military in reserve, as well as the civilians requesting treatment for payment. The hospital has 15 curative-diagnostic sections, five cabinets and has a capacity of 250 beds.

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