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Working visit to the Anti-Air Missile Regiment

CHISINAU, August 19, 2019 – The Minister of Defense, Pavel Voicu, together with the chief of the General Staff, commander of the National Army, brigadier general Igor Gorgan, paid a visit to the Anti-Air Missile Regiment, to find out about the activity, infrastructure, service conditions, endowment of the unit and the state of the military equipment, as well as the main problems faced by the personnel.

The officers inspected the building of the General Staff of the Regiment and its command point, at the same time became familiar with the ways of monitoring the airspace of the Republic of Moldova. The officers also went to the unit`s car park, where they checked the military equipment, including the one planned to be repaired. At the same time, they visited the unit`s canteen, barracks, armory and equipment depots.

Minister Voicu ordered, in this respect, to modify the assortment of foodstuffs for the unit`s staff, by limiting the quantity of tinned foods and other semi-manufactured products and including in the food ration a larger amount of fruits and vegetables.

Pavel Voicu and General Igor Gorgan also discussed with the Regiment`s staff about the problems and shortcomings they have in the unit, among the most important being the lack of subunits connection to the centralized water supply and sewerage system, the poor condition of the blocks and constructions, the inefficient system for the salaries of the corps of soldiers, sergeants and petty officers.

At the end of the visit, the Minister of Defense assured the Regiment`s military and civilian employees with all the support of the institution`s management, noting that he will make efforts to identify solutions for improving the unit`s situation and to increase the level of airspace security in the Republic of Moldova.

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