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The Shooting Range of Special Forces Battalion “Fulger”

CHISINAU, August 22, 2019 - Minister of Defense Pavel Voicu and the commander of the National Army, Brigadier General Igor Gorgan, tested today the shooting range of Special Forces Battalion “Fulger”, put into operation today in the Military Camp 142.

Thus, the officials inspected the repair works of the room, within which the protective wall, the interior and exterior walls, the places for occupying the firing positions were arranged and the lighting system was connected.

At the same time, the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the soldiers from the National Army command corps tested the TIR`s capacity, firing from the National Army`s weapons, including the Soviet-made PM and TT semi-automatic pistols, as well as the pistols of Austrian production Glock 17 and 19.
Minister Voicu appreciated the quality of the TIR renovation works, which is an important element for the training of the military force in Camp 142. “I believe that the military must train daily to demonstrate professionalism in exercises and training activities in landfills. For this, they need good conditions and modern training points. That is why, at the beginning of August, when we inspected Camp 142, we ordered the completion of the TIR arrangement works, so that the BDS, but also the one from other units deployed in the military town, would have the opportunity to train regularly ", said the Minister of Defense.

Subsequently, Pavel Voicu checked the condition of the military equipment and its storage places on the territory of the Camp. Thus, Minister Voicu became familiar with the process of repair and reconditioning of Soviet and American production equipment units, including GAZ-67, M-35A3, HMMWV, URAL 43202, GAZ-66 with ZU-23-2 system, BRDM, from the endowment of the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion, the "Lightning" Battalion and the Guard Battalion.

At the end, the Minister of Defense thanked the commanders of the units for their efficiency and professionalism in renovating the equipment in the terms established by the management of the institution during the previous inspections. "I am glad to see that some of the military equipment, which was in a deplorable state, has been repaired and has become operational. This will facilitate the execution of the missions within the exercises and trainings provided in the training plan of the National Army for 2019. I want that in the near future, all the equipment of the units will be reconditioned, so that the military has the opportunity to exploit it within activities at the training centers in the garrisons of the National Army ", mentioned Pavel Voicu.

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