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The students of the Military Academy “Alexandru cel Bun” swore faith to the Fatherland

CHISINAU, August 23, 2019 - About 70 students, enrolled this year at the Military Academy of Armed Forces "Alexandru cel Bun", today took the military oath in a ceremony, held on the institution`s platform.

Attending the event, the Minister of Defense Pavel Voicu congratulated the students, who has chosen to study military art and later become officers in the National Army. "As of today, you take great responsibility in front of the Fatherland, the relatives, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. I refer here to the responsibility of defending the integrity and sovereignty of the country. I want to urge you to be disciplined and to take from your commanders the vast knowledge and experience they have accumulated over the years in international missions and exercises. To know that only through much effort and dedication, you will become worthy and professional officers, which the army always needs.” said Pavel Voicu.

According to the rector of the Military Academy "Alexandru cel Bun", Colonel Sergiu Plop, during the academic years 2019-2020, 75 young people were admitted to the educational institution, of which 17 girls, to the infantry, communications and computer and artillery specialties.

The students attended, in August this year, a military integration course, in which they studied the military regulations, the front training, and the tactical training.

The studies at AMFA last for three years. Students receive free training, accommodation, equipment and food.

At the end, graduates receive the primary rank of the officer corps "lieutenant", the category "B" driving license. At the same time, they are provided with a position in the National Army.

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