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National Army Day, celebrated all over the country

CHISINAU, September 3, 2019 - Activities dedicated to the 28th anniversary of the formation of the National Army were organized today in all military garrisons.

Thus, in Chisinau, the military and civilian staff laid flowers at the monument of "Stefan cel Mare si Sfint si Maica Idurerata" from the "Eternity" Memorial Complex.

Also, at the Ministrer of Defense, a decoration ceremony was held by state and National Army distinctions, as well as honorary diplomas to the best military and civilian employees, in the presence of the country's supreme leader, Government and Parliament officials, ambassadors and military attaches, accredited in our country.

President of the Republic of Moldova, Supreme Commander of Armed Forces, Igor Dodon, congratulated the army on the occasion of the professional holiday, expressing his appreciation for their devotion and professionalism.

"The army is the indispensable attribute of the country`s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Founded together with the state of the Republic of Moldova, the National Army symbolizes bravery and power, patriotism and sacrifice, honor and truth, representing, at the same time, the guarantee of national and regional peace and security ", said Igor Dodon.

Also, President Igor Dodon, appreciated the correctness shown by the military in carrying out its constitutional duties, as well as its performance in multinational exercises and international peacekeeping missions.

In his turn, the Secretary General of the Parliament, Adrian Albu, sent a message from the President of the Parliament, Zinaida Greceanii, in which he mentioned that September 3 is the day of gratitude of the people of the Republic of Moldova for all soldiers who served and serve with devotion and selflessness.

Present at the festivity, Victoria Rosa, Prime Minister Maia Sandu`s adviser specified that the field of security and defense becomes a priority for the government, also supported by Euro-Atlantic development partners, which since its establishment have contributed to strengthening the security sector and defense.

The Minister of Defense Pavel Voicu appreciated the contribution of all the military to the development and modernization of the defense institution.

"Today we owe respect to the first officers and non-commissioned officers, who fought for the country`s independence and contributed to the formation of the army of the young state of the Republic of Moldova. It is to them, to these people of good faith, true patriots, that we say "Thank you" and appreciate their sacrifice and actions, which mattered enormously then, in the early 1990s ", said Pavel Voicu.

The Minister of Defense also referred to the professionalism of the military and civilian employees, who today are in the service of the country - at home and foreign missions.

"Without them, this far-reaching reform, which involves knowledge, experience, dedication and devotion, would not have been possible. Without their excellent performance in international peacekeeping missions, the image of the Republic of Moldova would not have been as good. Or, these soldiers, through the way they do their duty, contribute to the global security and, far from home, they make the life of some people easier. Without these professionals, the National Army would not be able to honor its commitments at the international level, at multinational exercises and in prestigious military education institutions ", Minister Voicu mentioned.

It should be mentioned that festive activities, on the occasion of the National Army Day, were organized in Balti, Cahul, Edinet and Ungheni, jointly with the local public administrations.


The National Army was created on September 3, 1991, by the decree of the President of the Republic of Moldova no. 194.

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