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A New Class of Graduates for the Special Forces of the National Army

CHISINAU, September 26, 2019 - Minister of Defense Pavel Voicu handed the "Special Forces" and "Green Beret" badges to the graduates of the ninth class of the special forces qualification course, during a ceremony that took place at the Battalion headquarters with Special Destination from the military camp 142. The event was also attended by the commander of the National Army, Brigadier General Igor Gorgan.

Pavel Voicu congratulated the graduates who faced the challenge, demonstrating tenacity, self-confidence and the desire not to abandon the tests, regardless of obstacles. "Since 2011, more than a hundred professional soldiers have successfully passed the endurance test, being trained in difficult conditions, according to a model developed by the command of the Special Force Battalion, based on international best practices in the field. These soldiers, including those from the 2019 promotion, deserve all our praise ", said the Minister of Defense.

Pavel Voicu also appreciated the activity of the instructors from this course, who during 16 weeks trained these young people and taught them the best tactics and techniques in the field. "With a lot of dedication and patience, they contributed to the training of the next generation of special forces of the National Army", added Minister Voicu.

At the same time, the Minister of Defense urged the military, who for some reason did not reach the end, but also those who did not enroll in the course, to prepare, to arm themselves with will, ambition, perseverance and to try to the next edition, mentioning that the National Army needs trained forces, able to fulfill their missions.

According to the commander of the Special Force Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Ion Ojog, the training course for the Special Forces took place over four months and included five modules. During that period, the military were trained in the field of special tactics, military topography, physical training, planning processes.

The program of the course also included the execution of a series of complex exercises, specific to the missions of the Special Forces, such as: alpine training, crossing watercourses, survival and medical-military training.

It should be noted that among the graduates from the 2019 promotion of the qualification course for Special Forces, there was, for the first time, a military woman.

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