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Double celebration for the Military Academy of the Armed Forces

CHISINAU, October 4, 2019 - The staff of the Military Academy of the Armed Forces "Alexandru cel Bun" (AFMA) marked today, in a festive setting, 27 years since the creation of the institution and World Teacher`s Day. The event, held on this occasion, was attended by representatives of the National Army command corps, military attachés, teachers, students and high school students from the capital.

Present at the ceremony, State Secretary, Vladimir Iliev congratulated the staff and students of the Academy on the occasion of the double celebration and handed over to a group of military and civilian employees distinguished National Army for the impeccable fulfillment of service duties and performance.

Vladimir Iliev said that the "Alexandru cel Bun" Military Academy, like the entire National Army, is in a process of transformation, a process whose purpose is to build a modern training structure for military personnel, competitive, ready to fulfill their missions both in the country, at various positions they hold, and in foreign theaters of operations, together with our strategic partners.

This goal can only be achieved with the personal involvement and experience of teachers, who are called to pass on knowledge and inspire the current generation of students. To teach them to think critically, to ask questions and together to find answers to the biggest challenges. Because this is the only way military education will evolve, this is the only way future leaders will prepare today to lead the country`s army tomorrow."

The Secretary of State also urged students to set long-term priorities from now on, to learn day by day and to prepare for future positions seriously, through continuous reading, research and in-depth study of all subjects taught here. .

The Military Academy of the Armed Forces "Alexandru cel Bun" trained, during the years 1995-2019, about 1,900 officers in the specialties: infantry, artillery, transmissions, border guards and carabinieri. The duration of studies is three years.

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