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Three military units of the National Army marked 27 years since its creation

Three units of the National Army, deployed in Chisinau, organized today ceremonies on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of its creation, which was attended by the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff, former commanders and veterans.

Present at the festivity held in the Guard Battalion, the Minister of Defense Pavel Voicu handed over to a group of soldiers in active service distinctions of the National Army and honorary diplomas for high indices obtained in the process of battle preparation and performance in activity.

Pavel Voicu mentioned that the Guard Battalion has become an emblematic unit for the National Army and the Republic of Moldova, representing us honorably at international military parades, protocol actions, ceremonies, official events and other activities specific to the unit.

The Minister of Defense urged the unit`s staff to get involved in the reforms initiated, reforms aimed at a well-prepared national army, equipped with modern equipment and technology, with a significant presence in stabilization and peacekeeping operations.

"We can achieve this goal together, with investments in the education and training of the military of tomorrow, the development of defense capabilities and the maintenance of the trust of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova in the army," said Pavel Voicu.

At the ceremony in the "Stefan cel Mare" Brigade, Minister Voicu and the commander of the National Army, Brigadier General Igor Gorgan, congratulated the military, as well as the veterans present at the event, on the occasion of the holiday.

"I want to thank the commanders of all levels, who in the 27 years, through continuous effort, dedication and hard work, have contributed to the training of thousands of soldiers, but also the military and civilian employees, soldiers on time and by contract, present in training grounds, classrooms or international exercises, where they test their interoperability with foreign military personnel. We hear about their performance, an exemplary one, on various occasions, not only from the command of the National Army, but also from our external partners. And we are very happy about that", said the Minister of Defense.

Also today, in a festive setting, the Center for Communications and Informatics marked 27 years since its creation, in the presence of the commander of the National Army, Brigadier General Igor Gorgan.

"I appreciate your work, service and dedication to the profession you have chosen. I count even more on your motivation and commitment to transform and modernize the field in which you operate, because it is an indispensable one for the process of transformation and modernization of the entire defense system", said General Gorgan.

On the occasion of the anniversary, the three units organized exhibitions of military equipment and armaments, elements of frontal training and hand-to-hand combat demonstration exercises.

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