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Demining missions of the National Army engineers in October

CHISINAU, November 5, 2019 - The specialized teams of the National Army carried out 24 demining missions in October, during which they identified and neutralized 553 explosive objects of different types.

According to the head of the Engineering Service, Lieutenant-Colonel Adrian Efros, the largest amount of explosive objects - 530 artillery shells, was discovered during that period in the city of Taraclia, near the railway. The mission was executed by the genius team of the "Dacia" Motorized Infantry Brigade from Cahul, led by Lieutenant Aliona Bezman. The ammunition, which dates from the Second World War, was transported to the unit`s training center and destroyed in maximum safety.

Lieutenant-Colonel Efros, specified that in the period January-October, the engineers of the National Army detected and liquidated 7 586 explosive objects on the entire territory of the country.

Most of the ammunition found - grenade launchers, artillery shells of various calibers, aviation bombs, cartridges and hand grenades - were discovered in the localities of Anenii Noi, Causeni, Criuleni, Hincest, Balti and Chisinau.

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