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Inspection visits by the Minister of Defense to several military units


CHISINAU, December 6, 2019 – The Minister of Defense Victor Gaiciuc, accompanied by the Chief of General Staff, Brigadier General Igor Gorgan, paid a visit to the "Prut" Artillery Battalion, deployed in the Ungheni garrison, on Thursday, December 5, to document with the activity and infrastructure of the unit, the living and working conditions of the military.

In Ungheni, officials watched a march of military equipment, held at the Battalion Training Center, and discussed with the unit's staff about issues related to social protection, including wages and providing housing.

At the same time, Victor Gaciuc and General Gorgan met with the veterans of the artillery battalion and with the vice-president of the Ungheni District Council, Vasile Lupu, to address the involvement of the reservist military in the military-patriotic education of the young generation and aspects of the unit's cooperation with local public administration.

It should be noted that between November and December this year, the Minister of Defence undertook a number of visits to several military units and subordinate institutions, including the "Dacia" Motorized Infantry Brigade in Cahul, the Durlesti Anti-Air Missile Regiment, the Ungheni Artillery Battalion and the Central Military Clinical Hospital in Chisinau municipality.

The purpose of the visits was to inspect the respective units and identify the problems, which affect the performance of the missions established by the National Army Command.


Victor Gaiciuc held meetings with the military and civilian staff of the subdivisions, which he assured of the support of the institution`s management, noting that he will work to identify solutions to improve the quality of life of the personnel, infrastructure and the state of the military technique.


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