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A new contingent of the National Army is leaving for Kosovo (video)

CHISINAU, December 9, 2019 - Operation KFOR, took place in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1244, represents our desire to join the countries that contribute to regional and international security and to demonstrate that we have professional officers and non-commissioned officers whose training has been tested in theaters of operations. These soldiers are our pride and we, those who represent the Government, but also the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, respect them and admire their courage.

The statement was made by Prime Minister Ion Chicu during the detachment ceremony of the 12th contingent of the National Army in Kosovo, which took place today at the Ministry of Defense.

In turn, the Italian ambassador in our country, Valeria Biagiotti, mentioned that Italy expresses its high appreciation for the willingness of the Republic of Moldova to participate, along with the Italian contingent, in the operation, which continues to play an important role in guaranteeing regional sovereignty and security in Europe.

"We greatly appreciate the professionalism and competence of the Moldovan military, as well as their ability to integrate and interact with the Italian military," she said.

The Minister of Defense Victor Gaiciuc thanked the Italian and United States Governments for supporting National Army contingents in the training, the secondment and logistics department in Kosovo theater of operations.

"About 500 officers and non-commissioned officers of the National Army have so far been part of Operation KFOR. All these soldiers, through the specifics of the functions they performed, demonstrated that the defense institution of the Republic of Moldova trained and sent to Kosovo qualified personnel, interoperable with the armies of other countries, who know how to act accurately, precisely and professionally in any situation ", said Victor Gaiciuc.

The Minister of Defense asked the military to fulfill their mission honorably, as did the officers and non-commissioned officers from the other 11 contingents of the National Army.

The twelfth contingent of the National Army consists of 40 professional soldiers, including seven engineers and a platoon of 33 infantry, who will perform security missions and guard military and patrol objectives.

The Moldovan military will be part of the Regional Command-West and will be deployed to the Italian military base Camp Vilaggio in Pech, Kosovo.

The mandate of the KFOR-12 contingent in Kosovo will last six months.

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