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The "Northern Fortress 2019" exercise took place in Balti (video)

CHISINAU, December 12, 2019 - "Northern Fortress 2019", a tactical exercise with troops in the field, took place at the Training Center of the "Moldova" Brigade in Balti, in the presence of the President of the Republic of Moldova, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Igor Dodon , the Minister of Defense Victor Gaiciuc, the Chief of the General Staff, Brigadier General Igor Gorgan, and the command corps of the National Army.

The trainings, which were attended by over 350 soldiers on time and by contract from the Motorized Infantry Brigade "Moldova", the Special Force Battalion "Fulger", the Aviation Regiment, the Artillery Battalion and the Fuel Storage Base of the National Army, aimed at developing the skills of the staff for carrying out missions in peacetime, in crisis situations or in anti-terrorist actions.

The activity included the frontline magazine of military equipment, briefing information and staff actions at various training sites, including evacuating the wounded by air by Mi-2 helicopter, providing medical assistance, crossing the CBRN contaminated area and planting mines.

The military, involved in the exercise, also fired shots from light and heavy infantry weapons, anti-tank guns MT-12, anti-air installations ZU 23-2, artillery system 9P 140 Hurricane, grenade launchers SPG-9, RPG-7, machine guns KPVT, DSK and PKT, using armored vehicles TAB-71 M, BTR-70, BTR-60, BRDM-2, MTLB, military transport vehicles type KRAZ-250, KAMAZ, ZIL, GAS, URAL, M1083 and PMZ-4 towed mine planter.

At the end of the exercise, Igor Dodon appreciated the performance of the military during the exercise, and the Minister of Defense Victor Gaiciuc declared that he was satisfied with the way the officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers acted at the training places.

Victor Gaiciuc specified that such exercises are necessary to maintain the fighting capacity of the National Army.

"Northern Fortress 2019" is part of the National Army`s battle readiness plan for this year.


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