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The Military College met at the Ministry of Defense

CHISINAU, December 24, 2019 - The meeting of the Military College, attended by the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff, the heads of the subdivisions of the central apparatus, the leaders of the institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Defense, as well as the commanders of military-territorial units and centers.

The main topics addressed in the activity were the balance of the National Army in the 2019 training year and the identification of tasks for 2020, the approval of the draft Plan for the development of long-term military capabilities of the National Army (2020-2030), and the approval of the force structure project of the National Army.

The Minister of Defense Victor Gaiciuc mentioned, at the beginning of the event, that the topics discussed have an important role in maintaining and gradually developing military capabilities, which would aim to ensure the fulfillment of the constitutional mission of defending the country, providing the necessary support to civilian authorities. crisis, in particular through the participation of the military of the National Army in the liquidation of the consequences in exceptional situations, and the realization of international commitments in the military sector, through the active contribution to the consolidation of regional and world peace.

During the meeting, the members of the College approved a set of missions for 2020, the most important being directing the efforts of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff towards the efficient and qualitative training of the subordinated military and forces, for the execution of established missions defense and military capabilities at the required level and strengthening military discipline and the rule of law.

Also, special attention will be paid to the process of promotion, approval and implementation of the National Army`s long-term military capabilities development plan (2020-2030), in the context of implementing the provisions of the National Defense Strategy, Military Strategy, Action Plan of the Government (2020-2023) on the security and defense segment, as well as for the implementation of the second phase of the Defense Capacity Building Initiative (DCBI) for the Republic of Moldova, establishing the main actions to be taken for the purpose of restructuring and modernization of the National Army.

At the same time, at the summarizing meeting, the best military units from the 2019 training year were designated.


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