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Anti-Air Missile Regiment - 29 years of activity

CHISINAU, May 15, 2021 - The Anti-Air Missile Regiment celebrated today 29 years since its formation.

Present at the ceremony, which took place on the plateau of the unit, the Minister of Defense in office Victor Gaiciuc congratulated the military and civilian employees, who do their duty with dedication and professionalism.

"Each of you is constantly on the lookout not only for the airspace, but also for the safety of the citizens of our country, coming to the aid of the people during natural disasters. Thank you for being good at everything you do, fulfilling with devotion both the regiment`s specific missions and the less military ones. I am glad that due to your performance in any circumstances, the Anti-Air Missile Regiment has won over the public`s trust over time, thus contributing to the promotion of a positive image of the defense institution in society", said Minister Gaiciuc.

On the occasion of the anniversary, a group of soldiers and civilians received National Army distinctions and diplomas.

The feast culminated with a divine service performed by a council of priests, followed by a ceremony of consecration of the newly built crucifix on the territory of the unit.

The "Dimitrie Cantemir" Anti-Air Missile Regiment was created in May 1992 and has the mission to supervise and defend the airspace of the Republic of Moldova.

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