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National Army soldiers trained to respect human rights and fight discrimination

CHISINAU, February 3, 2022 - The Military Inspectorate of the Ministry of Defenses and the Directorate of Civic Education and Social Protection of the General Staff are conducting, from January to May this year, instructional and informative sessions on respect for human rights and combating discrimination with the service members and conscripts from all garrisons of the National Army.

They are organized at the direction of the Minister of Defense Anatoly Nosatii, who ordered the intensification of measures to prevent and combat within the institution cases of violation of military discipline.

Thus, the first meetings of this kind were held online on 30 January, with the participation of personnel from the 1st and 3rd Brigades, the General Staff Regiment, and the ''Codru'' Genius Battalion.

The session was moderated by representatives of the Promo-Lex Association and aimed at informing about the role of respect for the rights of the military in the National Army according to the legislation in force, as well as promoting non-discriminatory interpersonal relations between military personnel in military collectives and non-discriminatory, non-aggressive behavior outside military service.

It should be noted that such meetings will be held both online and in physical presence in all units of the National Army, with the participation of representatives of civil society, as well as specialists from the Military Command, the Association of Women in the National Army, the Military Academy "Alexandru cel Bun", psychologists and lawyers.


Among the topics discussed were: "Equal opportunities. The applicable legal framework", "Equal treatment of all persons in the National Army - the principle on which the professionalism of the commander is based"; "Civil and political rights of the military" (equality before the law, the right to life and to physical and mental integrity, the right to vote and to be elected, the right to petition, the right to information, etc.), "Social, economic and cultural rights of military personnel" (social assistance and protection, protection of the family and children, protection of the disabled, education, health care); "Violence - violation of human rights", "Interpersonal relations without intimidation, harassment - an important factor in strengthening military collectives" and others.

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