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Commanders of National Army units, reporting

CHISINAU, February 4, 2022 - The situation of military discipline in the National Army was the subject of the review meeting of unit commanders from all garrisons.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Minister of Defense Anatolie Nosatii reiterated the importance of strict monitoring of compliance with service obligations, military regulations, as well as the way in which cases of discipline violations among military personnel are reported and investigated.

"In recent months we have conducted unannounced visits to all military units and some Military-Territorial Centers, where we detected several problems. We have spoken to soldiers, sergeants, and officers, but also to civilian employees. We examined living conditions, the level of medical and equipment insurance, and the level of involvement of commanders at different levels in preventing and combating irregular relations and maintaining military discipline. In this regard, we have ordered the intensification of instructional-educational measures in the area of respect for human rights and the fight against discrimination with the service members and the conscripts, and for greater transparency and more effective results, we have decided to involve specialists from civil society in these activities. In some units in Balti, Cahul, and Chisinau garrisons, such meetings have already taken place. They will continue throughout the year with the participation of the entire National Army. At the same time, special commissions within the Military Inspectorate will regularly and thoroughly check the state of affairs in the units, and those guilty of irregularities will be severely punished. I will not tolerate any case of misconduct in the National Army," said the Minister of Defense.

For his part, the commander of the National Army, Colonel Eduard Ohladciuc, warned at the meeting about carrying out training activities with the participation of the conscripts and service members in accordance with the training plan for the current year, with strict observance of security technique and all protective measures against COVID. "The qualitative training of the military is a priority for the National Army because in this way we become a well-prepared institution, capable of fulfilling its constitutional mission of the country. That is why I demand maximum responsibility when planning and conducting exercises and training at the military area in the country and abroad," said Colonel Eduard Ohladciuc.

Another topic on the agenda of the meeting was the situation regarding the induction into military service. Thus, Colonel Ohladciuc asked the commanders of the MTC to strictly monitor and manage at the highest level the selection process of young people by the medical-military commissions in the territory. At the same time, the commander of the National Army highlighted the crucial role of psychologists and jurists in garrisons in communicating with recruits once they are assigned to military units, in order to prevent unforeseen situations in the collective.

At the end of the meeting, it was decided to hold monthly meetings of this kind, to address the problems faced by the units and identify solutions in optimal terms in order to make the situation in the National Army more efficient and to redress the situation in terms of discipline and military training.

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