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Ministers of Defense of the Republic of Moldova and Romania signed a Protocol on cooperation in the field of military education

- Minister of Defense Anatolie Nosatii and Romanian Minister of National Defense Vasile Dincu signed the Protocol on cooperation in the field of military education at the joint meeting of the Moldovan and Romanian governments held on Friday, February 11, in Chisinau.

The main provisions of the document, which was concluded for a period of 10 years, concern the participation of the personnel of one Party in the military educational institutions of the other Party, the organization and functioning of the military education system and process, the elaboration and harmonization of specific documents for the organization and development of the educational process, the donation of materials for teaching purposes, the participation in applied research internships, as well as the organization of conferences, symposiums and book presentations.

Also today, during a bilateral meeting, Ministers Anatolie Nosatii and Vasile Dincu discussed the main aspects of Moldovan-Romanian cooperation in the field of defense and the prospects for intensifying the bilateral partnership established over the years.

Anatolie Nosatii thanked his counterpart for the successful organization of the Moldovan-Romanian Joint Defense Commission Meeting, which took place last November in Bucharest, as well as the official visit of the Commander of the National Army, Colonel Eduard Ohladciuc, to Romania in 2021, which confirms the joint commitment to expand cooperation in several areas relevant to the two defense institutions.

At the same time, Minister Nosatii appreciated Romania`s significant contribution to ensuring the participation of Moldovan and Romanian military personnel in exercises held at training centers in the Republic of Moldova and Romania, the study opportunities for National Army personnel in Romanian military educational institutions.

Similarly, Anatolie Nosatii highlighted the valuable expertise and assistance provided in the context of the implementation of the objectives of the Republic of Moldova - European Union Action Plan and the Individual Action Plan of the Moldova-NATO Partnership, in particular, the Defense Capabilities Building Initiative (DCBI) Package and other relevant assistance programs for the reform of the defense sector in our country according to the principle of good democratic governance.

"Romania has been and is an important strategic partner for the Republic of Moldova. Over the years, we have managed to build sincere, unconditional, and friendly relations, confirmed by a large number of joint projects, programs, and actions aimed at the development of our country`s defense sector. In this regard, we continue to rely on the experience of Romanian partners in reforming the defense sector according to democratic standards, which is an important goal for the current government, as well as strengthening the capabilities of the National Army for participation in international peacekeeping operations", said Anatolie Nosatii during the dialogue.

For his part, Vasile Dincu reconfirmed his openness, as Minister of National Defense, and that of the Romanian Government, to the process of modernizing the defense capabilities of the National Army in line with international standards.

At the same time, the Romanian official also stressed the importance of strengthening resilience in crises, referring to the mutual support that Romania and the Republic of Moldova provided each other during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We have recently proved once again that we can work together effectively, providing mutual support in difficult situations. In 2020, doctors and nurses from Romania, including military doctors, came to the support of their colleagues across the Prut, so that in 2021 medical staff from Moldova will provide support to their colleagues in Romania," stressed Vasile Dincu.

At the end, the two officials agreed on boosting bilateral cooperation relations by identifying new actions to support the achievement of the objectives stipulated in the Government`s "Moldova of Good Times" Programme of Activities.

It should be noted that during the joint meeting of the two governments, the Republic of Moldova and Romania signed a series of agreements and cooperation protocols in several areas, including the agreement on the construction of a bridge across the Prut at Ungheni, the €100 million non-reimbursable financial assistance program, the elimination of roaming tariffs and others.

Bilateral cooperation between the Moldovan Ministry of Defense and the Romanian Ministry of National Defense began in 2000.

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