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Military engineers destroy 67 explosives and more than 5,000 cartridges in February

CHISINAU, March 7, 2022 - During February, the genius teams of the National army performed 14 demining missions, being requested in the localities of

Stefan Voda, Falesti, Telenesti, Orhei, Balti, Cahul, Causeni, and Ungheni

After searching the ground, military engineers found 67 explosives and 5,185 cartridges of various calibers.

Thus, during that period, the demining groups of the "Codru" Genius Battalion carried out two demining missions in the

Village of Rascaieti, Stefan Voda district. In the first half of February, military engineers neutralized 47 explosives and 4,319 cartridges found in an arable field in this town.

On February 21, the genius team repeatedly intervened in the village of Rascaieti, where it destroyed four artillery shells, 866 cartridges of various calibers, as well as four RPG-40 grenades.

All explosive devices date from World War II and were liquidated in maximum security. Since the beginning of this year, the engineers of the National Army have destroyed a total of 88 explosives and 7,885 cartridges.

NOTE: The Ministry of Defense warns that in areas where munitions exist or are suspected to exist, citizens are asked to notify the local authorities. In case of detection of unidentified explosive objects, it is categorically forbidden to touch the munitions, to hit or move the munitions found in the ground or on the surface, to dismantle warheads or other components.

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