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Colonel Adrian Efros - the new head of the Single Crisis Management Center

CHISINAU, March 31, 2022 - Colonel Adrian Efros, of the General Staff of the National Army, was appointed head of the Single Center for Crisis Management (CUGC).

The decision was taken at today`s meeting by the Committee on Exceptional Situations (CES). At the same time, the Single Crisis Management Center is being reorganized and subordinated to the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (GIES).

Colonel Adrian Efros thanked his predecessor, Secretary General of the Government, Dumitru Udrea, for the effort made for the proper functioning of the (CUGC).

In the same context, Adrian Efros added that the main purpose of the reorganized structure is to streamline inter-institutional processes to focus the unit of effort on achieving the proposed objectives.

"The center will continue its efforts to operate authorized placement centers, provide transportation on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border segment for refugees, as well as transfer them by air, rail, and road to destinations in the European Union. Collaboration with UN agencies remains a priority, "said Colonel Efros.

The new headquarters of the (CUGC) will be within the Center for Exceptional Management of the CSE, at 69 Gh. Asachi Street, Chisinau.

It should be noted that the Single Center for Crisis Management (CUGC) was established on February 28 and is currently managed by the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

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