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Start the information campaign "A wrong step can cost you your life!" (video)

CHISINAU, April 4, 2022 - Today, April 4, the Ministry of Defense launches the information and awareness campaign on the danger of unexploded ordnance in the Republic of Moldova with the slogan "A wrong step can cost you your life!".
The action, which takes place in the context of the International Day for the Awareness of the Dangers of Anti-Personnel Mines, aims to inform and raise awareness of the risks to which citizens are exposed when discovering explosive objects in the ground and handling them improperly.

The campaign will take place in two stages, spring and autumn when the population starts agricultural work in the field or in the garden and increases the possibility of detecting explosive objects left in the ground during the Second World War or during the actions to combat defending the integrity and independence of the Republic of Moldova.

The project includes the dissemination of an information video spot, the distribution of posters in educational institutions in the country and local public authorities, as well as the organization by mobile teams of engineers of the National Army of lessons for students and the population in northern, southern and central on the behavior in case of discovery of unexploded ordnance. According to Lieutenant-Colonel Igor Livitchi, from the Engineer Service, from 1992 until now, 24 people have died and another 29 have been injured as a result of incidents resulting in the explosion of various ammunition. Out of the total number of those who suffered, eight children died and six others were injured. "Through this campaign, we want to prevent cases of injury or death among the population as a result of detecting explosive objects left in the ground and mishandling them," said Lieutenant-Colonel Livitchi.

The source noted that since 1992, teams of engineers have carried out 3,565 demining missions throughout the country, during which 22,311 explosives and 160,636 cartridges of various calibers were destroyed.


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