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Tiraspol Encourages Separatism

Three reports of the Joint Military Command were discussed at the meeting of the Joint Control Board (JCB) July 7. Our JCB delegation decided to sign the reports as a trust tool between the two banks of the Dniester River, regardless of the objections about the issues highlighted by them.

Our delegation’s efforts were impeded by the secessional goals of the Transnistrian delegation. Instead of striving for strengthening Chisinau-Tiraspol relationship, the Transnistrian delegation gave to the other JCB members a few statements on an artificial burst of the situation in the Security Zone caused by the Moldovan constitutional authorities and bad intentions of the JCB Moldovan delegation.

Ion Solonenco, Deputy Chairperson of JCB on behalf of Republic of Moldova constitutional authorities, stated the destructive position of the Transnistrian delegation reveals its intention to make the problems of the region political. The head of our delegation is concerned about the situation, saying the JCB’s activity may be blocked by the Transnistrian delegation’s position.

Solonenco stated that, during a meeting with the Chief of Bender Customs, the latter said “The Joint Control Board does not deserve to be obeyed. Thus, all of them will follow only the orders of the Tiraspol authorities”, which obviously violates the 1992 agreement and the JCB decisions.

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