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European experts at the Ministry of Defense

CHISINAU, October 4, 2022 — Aspects of European integration and cooperation with the European Union were the topics of the meeting between the Secretary of State in the field of Defense Policy, National Defense planning, and Military Interoperability Valeriu Mija and a group of experts from the Council of Europe for Foreign Relations (ECFR).

On the agenda of the talks were topics related to the objectives of our country in the framework of the Association Agreement and the EU accession agenda, the cooperation of the national Army with the EU subdivisions, and the assistance finally granted to transform the defense institution in compliance with European standards, the principles of good democratic governance.

During the meeting, Valeriu Mija thanked the European experts for the interest and priority given to the Republic of Moldova and expressed gratitude to the EU States for offering Moldova the possibility to participate in the European Peace Facility (EPF), To modernize the national Army`s capabilities for crisis management and participation in international peacekeeping operations.

Other topics addressed during the discussions concerned the security situation in the region and the prospects of the cooperation of the defense institution with the structures of the European Union further.

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