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The National Army conducts training exercises in all military garrisons

CHISINAU, January 23, 2023 — More than 400 soldiers of the National Army are participating, between January 24 and February 4 this year, in a complex tactical exercise with the execution of combat firings from the weapons provided.

The tactical applications with the movement of military equipment will take place at the training grounds of all military garrisons and aim to evaluate the military’s capacities and practical skills within the term and on the contract.

According to the scenario, officers, sergeants and soldiers will also perform other training missions, such as providing medical first aid under real conditions, chemical protection training (CBRN) and others.

The trainings are organized in accordance with the training plan of the National Army for the year 2023 and have nothing to do with the security situation in the region.

NOTE: During the conduct of the tactical exercise, the columns of military vehicles involved in the training will move along the national routes in the north, center and south of the country.

In this regard, we ask citizens not to speculate on the planned training and movement of military equipment.

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